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As Venues Mull High-Tech Virus Safety Solutions, Fans Prioritize Hand Sanitizer

Still, most event-goers say temperature screenings would make them feel more comfortable attending games

Pro Bull Riding Returns as Support Grows for Restarting Sports Without Crowds

Share of self-identified sports fans who want sports back ASAP has doubled over past 3 weeks

Without Sports, Gamblers Are Willing to Bet on Weather, NFL Draft and COVID-19

While U.S.-based sportsbooks need states' OK for new offerings, offshore competitors take bets on almost anything

Play-Caller Q&A: Univision’s Loewenstein Plays Soccer’s Greatest Hits Amid Shutdown

Offering classic matches often involves recording new commentary, creating new graphics and editing for length

Eleven Sports Looks to Crowd Noise Tech to Liven Up Telecasts From Empty Arenas

ChampTrax, startup behind HearMeCheer technology, said it’s in talks with 2 of 4 major North American leagues

Americans Pick ‘The Karate Kid’ as Favorite Sports Flick

Subscribers to popular streaming services will need to look elsewhere for many of the highest-scoring sports films

Ticket Sales Pros Say They’d Welcome Back Tax Incentive, but It’s Not a Game Changer

The president has pushed for the return of a tax incentive allowing businesses to write off entertainment expenses

Olympic Postponement Costs Japanese Mattress Firm $4 Million

Airweave founder & CEO says prolonged buildup to Tokyo Games extends promotional opportunities with athletes

Fans Expect Sports to Come Back Before They’ll Be Comfortable Filling Venues

Less than half of sports fans think they’ll be ready to attend a live sporting event in 2020

Slashing Payroll During Pandemic Could Impact Fan Support Going Forward

Nearly 2 in 5 sports fans say they are less likely to support a team that lays off staff during the sports shutdown

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