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ANALYSIS: COVID-19 Has Harmed Workers in Ways the April Jobs Report Can’t Capture

Small-Business Lending Program Gets Poor Marks From Voters

A plurality of voters, including 36 percent of Republicans, said the funds have been distributed unfairly

As Some States Reopen, Few Americans Are Comfortable Going Out Right Now

But Republicans are more ready than Democrats to resume normal activities

Sen. Booker Aims to Curb Price Gouging During Emergencies in New Bill

New Jersey lawmaker will aim to get the legislation included in an economic relief effort

ANALYSIS: Why Stable Consumer Sentiment and Falling PMIs Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Rep. French Hill Taking Narrow Approach to Coronavirus Relief Oversight

For Arkansas Republican, focus will be on what will stabilize economy, not on whether recipients deserve aid

Amid Record Job Loss, Over 3 in 4 Adults Support Collective Bargaining Actions

Backing for labor unions has support of just over half of public

After Winning Suspension of Loan Loss Rule, Rep. Luetkemeyer Sets Sights on FASB

Missouri Republican pressing SEC on oversight of standard-setting body as he works to eliminate accounting rule

Half of Low-Income Adults Would Use Up Savings Within 3 Months Without a Job

Recession will take heaviest financial toll on households making less than $50,000, according to poll

Regulators Issue Coronavirus Guidance on Small-Dollar Lending: Instant Reaction

Federal agencies are currently considering longer-term guidance for banks on the issue

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