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COVID-19 Pandemic Moves TikTok Creators From Single Videos to Serialized Shows

One analyst says the platform could produce “a new generation of filmmaker”

If Movie Theaters Reopen, People Say These Steps Will Make Them Likely to Return

Sanitizing seats and high-touch surfaces, staggering seats and capping number of moviegoers top the list

New Pandemic Streamers Are Paying for Netflix and Trying Out Quibi, Apple TV+

But experts disagree on whether free trials will lock in new viewers

As Video-on-Demand Usage Climbs, Data Shows COVID-19 Will Keep Viewers Around

Transaction on demand also up 13%, as analyst expects usage to stay high before leveling out with theater viewings

Americans Remain Pessimistic About Entering Public Spaces in the Near Future

26% say they don’t expect to feel comfortable going to the mall or the movies for at least six months

‘Friends’ Reunion Won’t Be There for HBO Max Launch, but a Table Read Could Help

41% of public say they are interested in a virtual table read of a classic episode

News Media Credibility Rating Falls to a New Low

Republicans drive decline with average 16-point drop in trust for nine leading media outlets since 2016

When Consumers Say They’ll Feel OK About Dining Out and Other Activities

24% said they don’t expect to feel comfortable going back to a shopping mall for at least six months

Kanopy Doesn’t See Itself As Netflix Rival, but Its Content Could Be COVID-19 Boon

The on-demand streaming platform aimed at library patrons views itself as ‘entertainment intended to enrich’

Audiences Applaud Late-Night’s Embrace of Remote Entertainment

But 44% want to skip the pandemic humor

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