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Even as Oil Prices Crater, Voter Support for Industry Bailout Hasn’t Budged

Nearly 2 in 5 voters back government assistance to battered sector, unchanged from four weeks ago

Emergency Managers Hope Pandemic Lessons Will Apply to Climate Preparedness

As ‘all possible resources’ are called to action, voters trust local and state agencies more than FEMA

How Concern Over Climate Change Correlates With Coronavirus Responses

Polling shows climate-concerned adults more likely than those unconcerned to wear masks, social distance

Lowering Carbon Emissions ‘Absolutely’ Part of DOE’s New Nuclear Plan, Brouillette Says

But some nuclear advocates say private sector is doing more than government on climate commitments

Considered Essential, Utilities Sound Alarm on Worker Safety, Lack of COVID-19 Testing

Despite regular calls with government agencies, the electricity sector lacks a timeline for PPE access

Ahead of Stimulus Talks, Voters Back Relief for Renewables More Than for Oil and Gas

Major fossil fuel companies aren’t seeking intervention, despite unprecedented supply glut

With Coronavirus, Disruptions to U.S. Energy Storage Supply Chain Come Home

Manufacturing ramps back up in China, but U.S. companies face delays over social distancing, work restrictions

Letter From House Democrats Urges Aid for Renewables in Coronavirus Stimulus

After Senate package proposes aid for oil and gas industry, House Democrats counter with support for renewables

Amid Coronavirus, Voters Reluctant to Fly, but Split on Potential Airline Bailout

Lawmakers considering a bailout for the industry threatened by precipitous drops in demand

House Democrats Push for Renewable Energy Tax Credits in Coronavirus Stimulus

Environmental advocacy, renewable energy trade groups rally for seven provisions

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