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As Some States Reopen, Few Americans Are Comfortable Going Out Right Now

But Republicans are more ready than Democrats to resume normal activities

If Movie Theaters Reopen, People Say These Steps Will Make Them Likely to Return

Sanitizing seats and high-touch surfaces, staggering seats and capping number of moviegoers top the list

ANALYSIS: People Are Streaming More, But Will It Stick?

Online Dating Use Rises Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

53% of respondents said they’re using online dating platforms more often while self-quarantining

Americans Remain Pessimistic About Entering Public Spaces in the Near Future

26% say they don’t expect to feel comfortable going to the mall or the movies for at least six months

Twitch Increasingly Appeals to Advertisers as Platform’s Non-Gaming Content Grows

Livestreaming service’s advantages: a more engaged audience, expanding communities as people stay home

News Media Credibility Rating Falls to a New Low

Republicans drive decline with average 16-point drop in trust for nine leading media outlets since 2016

Eleven Sports Looks to Crowd Noise Tech to Liven Up Telecasts From Empty Arenas

ChampTrax, startup behind HearMeCheer technology, said it’s in talks with 2 of 4 major North American leagues

Advocates See Pandemic as Possible Tipping Point to Regulate Social Media Influencers

Sharing of misleading health information has put influencers on FTC’s radar

Face Masks in High Demand, but Consumers Say They Want to Pay Only $1 for One

A new poll shows respondents unwilling to pay more than $3 for a face mask during the pandemic

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