Emily Holden

Morning Consult Energy: Oil Exporters Might Use Loophole Without Federal Green Light; Oil Prices Lowest in 17 Months

Today’s Washington Brief: Potential exporters of condensate–a processed ultra-light oil–might not wait for a green-light from the federal government, Jennifer A. Dlouhy reports for Houston Chronicle. A maze of state and federal regulations is impeding North Dakota’s push to stop flaring, the wasteful burning of natural gas. Reuters’ Ernest Scheyder has the story. The U.S. might […]

Morning Consult Energy: GHG Emissions From Power Plants Up; Exxon Admits Fracking Risks

Today’s Washington Brief: Greenhouse gas emissions from power plants rose last year, while emissions from hydraulic fracturing declined, according to the EPA’s annual Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program data. Washington Examiner’s Zack Colman explains. Environmentalists modeling opposition to fossil fuel infrastructure projects on the Keystone XL oil pipeline controversy saw a major loss Monday when federal […]

Mo., other states developing plans to shape energy futures outside EPA regs

E&E’s Jeffrey Tomich reports Missouri and more than three dozen other states have been working on energy plans outside the EPA’s carbon emissions rule. But now they might have to incorporate that regulation. Like reactions to EPA’s proposed carbon rule, energy plans vary widely and can depend heavily on a state’s natural resources, demographics and, of […]

In Gas States, Voters Want State Fracking Regulations

As natural gas drillers move into more communities around the country, a Morning Consult poll shows that voters who live closest to the activity are more likely to want states, rather than the federal government, to regulate hydraulic fracturing. That’s where natural gas companies would prefer to battle out the issue too. Environmental advocates have […]

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